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Remote control your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera from your Windows computer tethered.
See live view on your computer display.
Trigger the camera from the computer or your tablet or smartphone.
Control multiple connected cameras at the same time.

Download the program here.
Even more features covered here.
See a list of supported cameras here.


November 28th 2015

This is a second try to make a stable release candidate so no more new features until a stable release 

October 13th 2015

In this version there are multiple changes mostly internal changes like bug fixes and cod optimizations, but also there are some visible change like are selection in live view and improved image preview.

August 28th 2015

This version main changes is around of plugins. Now all transform plugin use ImageMagick for image processing, there are lot of advantage using it like speed, better image quality, the exif data will remain unaltered. Also some user interface improvements was done.

August 10th 2015

A unfortunately stable release was delayed so there is a another beta. There are multiple changes and some bug fixes. Most of changes is related to user interface and application usability. The application interface it is a really mess, the interface element are inspired from Windows store apps but the usage is similar with desktop app. So i tried to improve somehow this but not radically, hope in good way.