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Getting started: D5100

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Note the order: Cable linked to camera, camera on, software on. It seems the D5100 is a MTP/PTP device. Make sure your battery is full. This is not a simple program, and has lots of features, so expect a learning curve.


The camera seems to lose Live View (LV) functionality, instead work through the Digicam app to see LV. Maximum LV time can be set to 15mins (this obtained from a post on this site CUSTOM setting menu// c Timers/AELock //c2 Auto off timers // Custom)


I used 2 lenses: Manual Nikon 50mm f2 and Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX

I suggest start with the DX lens.

By physically altering the f-stop on the 50mm Manual lens the image altered. Within Digicam, be in M mode to alter the speed & f-stop.

Within LV, click with mouse on image for where to move the focusing Green Block.



How to magnify image in LV for better focus.

Answer: In LV goto DISPLAY, click on LV Zoom Ration (and this is a digital zoom)

In LV, setting is on P, then unable to alter the speed/ fstop. In M these can be altered.

How does one alter the lens focal length (i.e. zoom in/out) using this software?



Some initial suggestions to the programmers of this software:

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I cannot copy external websites into this document (e.g. Nikon site saying D5100 is a MTP/PTP device.

The exposure indicator on the application is slow - it takes between 8 to 15 seconds to react to a change in camera settings.



I have linked my Nikon D5100 to my computer using the USB data cable, started the camera on and then strated the programme. But in the programme interface my camera model is not shown. What should I do now. I am totally confused. Please help

By abhisheknaskar