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This release is a bug fix release not too much new features are added. I try to change the installer type, i started using MSI based installer, the benefits are the install process should be more transparent and a cleaner uninstall and fewer false positive virus warnings.  A another new is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software which allow to use DSLR camera live view as source for broadcasting. Now support for 32 bit version only.

Bug fixes:

  • some case the live view fail to start
  • the transfer mode isn't applied 

New features:

  • Auto focus for all cameras in multiple camera live view
  • Option to define key combination for every connected camera one by one for trigger capture
  • Some usage improvement for tablets
  • Option to disable live view image processing, this may helpful when the live view is used  as video source 



Where can I find the obs plugin for Digicam?

By brandon.chun

Will be added automatically when install this update but only for 32 bit OBS, you can activate Right click in OBS source list Add->digicam control image source 

By Duka Istvan