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As this software is distributed as free software, and we don’t get paid for doing it.

But I still have some costs associated with its development:

  • Development software, such as Visual Studio
  • Development hardware,  my PC, and my Nikon D5100 camera
  • Website maintenance

Donate to digiCamControl via PayPal

I ask that if you find the program useful, please consider donating what you think the program is worth. You can help the project via PayPal. No PayPal account required just a credit card.


Donate to digiCamControl via Bank account
            Duka Istvan
            IBAN: RO54INGB0000999901403820
            BIC : INGB
            SWIFT: INGBROBU

Flattr is a microdonation system. Users are able to pay a small amount every month (minimum 2 euros) and then click Flattr buttons on sites to share the money they paid among those sites.

You can also help in other ways.

Whish list:

  • Canon Power Shot G10 -- for implement support PS series
  • Any partially broken camera body 
  • A Sony camera
  • A Pentax camera


Special Thanks to:

  • Alexander Reusch
  • Mark Roberts Motion Control Ltd


Thanks to:


  • Jon-Sverre Schanche
  • Josef Pfahler
  • Fabrice Fiorucci - www.newclic.com
  • Yves VICTOR
  • Daniel Leitschuh
  • Pedro Gutierrez
  • Cachan Photo Studio
  • Allen Tang
  • Filip Gawronski
  • Sigle -  webmeall.com
  • Mats Bjesse
  • Sergei Tolotsko
  • familysearch.org
  • Rainer Spechtl
  • Dierk Kowalke
  • Uwe Schmidt
  • Donald Worden
  • Normand Yelle
  • Michael O'day
  • Shami Ngenzi Robert - robertshami.com
  • Timothy Gunkel
  • Michał Wysoczański
  • Waldo Alfonso
  • Sarasota Antique Sellers
  • Günther Seiringer
  • Andrianarivo RAMAMONJY
  • Adrian Faynwachs - www.empirephotoandvideo.com
  • Carl Smith
  • Alan Schon
  • George Montgomery.
  • Dialogic Imaging Concepts - www.dialogicimagingconcepts.com
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Bien mieux que CameraControlPro. Vous avez effectué un travail remarquable. Il serait pratique de disposer d'un mode d'emploi en Français en format PDF. Si cela n'existe pas, je peux tenter de le réaliser pour vous dans un français meilleur que votre traduction automatique.
Je vous ai envoyé 30euros.
Grand merci pour ce logiciel.
Yves.Henri VICTOR


I think your software t is the best option to control Nikon cameras by a PC.



By dmaza

I am doing beauty shots in the studio. For immediate picture viewing i use tethered shooting. A Notebook display is much larger for viewing the picture, checking sharpness and exposure than every camera display.

I bought commercial software like Lightroom, which is neat for RAW developing, but for thethering with nikon cameras it is crap. It takes 1-2min until the connection works, and once you turned your camera off, it doesn't reconnect again until you reboot your notebook. That doesn't look professional when friends or models are waiting for you and watch your troubles.

DigcamControl was not designed for tetherd beauty shots, but it works really great for that. That is the only solution where i can leave my highres RAW Files on the camera and quickly download the JPGs for a quick preview.

And the software is free - wow! Thank you very much. I didn't had a problem to donate with a significant amount, because i am very happy with it.


By wolfman

After trying several possible solution on a Mac to work with a Nikon D90, EQMod (and so Windows in a Virtual Machine) and remote astrophotography (so PHD autoguiding and session planner), I discovered Digicamcontrol and possibly the most active developer on this planet.


In a matter of hours I installed and tested the software, it works without a single problem for planning hours long astrophotography session with PHD dithering and remote camera tethering plus support for usb serial shutter cable for bulb in D90 that does not natively supports it via normal USB connection.


Many other softwares struggled in the virtual machine to see the camera, use the remote shutter cable, both of these, or they just did not have anything for planning long sessions, and obviously none of them had a specific astrophotography module that included instant connection with PHD.


And it's free! (I donated and will keep donating at every new release and AP feature)



By deadwing