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The history of digiCamControl AKA Nikon Camera Control

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DigiCamControl, or Nikon Camera Control as it was originally named, has a fairly short history, starting in 2012, when Duka Istvan, the originator and programer of the software, bought his first DSLR camera – a Nikon D5100 – and connected it to a pc, just to find out that no free program could really control the tethered camera.

Being a programmer he decided to do some experiments, at first using WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) with some success.
But WIA has a lot of limitations like no live view, no camera specific commands and no real-time reading of the camera properties, all required for real control of the tethered camera.
Another solution was Nikon's SDK (Software Development Kit), but this would be hard to use with the programming language C# and intentionally wouldn't support the low-end cameras.
So Duka looked into MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and that was the solution. MTP allows for many more features like much more detailed camera control, live view, a theoretically unlimited number of cameras (just limited by hardware), which is something no commercial product can do.

digiCamControl  (at that time NCC or Nikon Camera Control) was and is the first C# open source application, which uses an MTP implementation, but the application is designed to support any type of connection. So new protocols or connections will just need to be implemented when they appear.

The programming language used in digiCamControl is C#, and it uses WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface. The full source code is freely available and the program is licensed under the GNU license, and is as such free to modify and distribute under the same license.

In late 2012 and early 2013 Danish Martin Joergensen joined Duka in bringing the program further towards the first release. Martin had been using the beta software for a while and wanted to participate in the development. Martin is an avid semi-professional photographer, but also a professional sofware developer focusing mainly on Open Source web development, so the distribution of tasks was obvious. Martin concentrated on reworking this web site and getting the online manual up to date as well as testing the software in real life using it to shoot studio setups of fishing fly tying and other images for his spare time project The Global FlyFisher.

Release history

The first version ever of digiCamControl (then Nikon Camera Control) was version 0.5 beta, which came out in April 2012. It was downloaded about 1,500 times. Now, close to a year later, the program is available in its first release candidate. The beta version released before that has been fetched at least 4,000 times from Google Code and elsewhere.

The first "real" release with a verion 1.0 predicate was expected to be out in April 2013, but aired in the beginning of May 2013, almost exactly a year after the first version ever. You can see the full release history here.

You can always download the lastest version from our download page.



at last found a program that works with my new Nikon D7100 tomorrow I will test all the functions,


Regardless this review, it's one of the best cameras for photography today.

By seanmiller