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This mode not supported by all cameras. As of this writing, the list includes only Nikon D4, D800, D5200, D7100 and D600.


Please add support for D7000. I could really use this for my film projects! :)

By bigmacblue

The D7000 not support bulb mode via PC connection, but is a beta for trigger via serial connection cable.


By Duka Istvan

Will the D90 be add to the list? 

By jlcam2007

The D90 don't have implemented this feature in his firmware so isn't possible. But you can use external devices as serial cable, DSUSB or DCCUSB. 

By Duka Istvan



Is it possible to add the D70 to the supported list?


Alternatively is it possible to use DigiCameraControl in order to take a series of 5 second shots with the camera? (In order to make star trails after stitching the pictures together?)





By MulderD70

I think bulb mode change should be enabled for any camera if remote shutter release cable option is enabled, because using that even my Nikon d90 can do bulb via usb and would be useful to set that mode through Digicamcontrol like other softwares do even if the camera does not support natively bulb via usb :)


might be anyway I use external shutter (of any type) and Digicamcontrol for all the other functions, and so pagain bulb is needed as an option to set from Digicamcontrol for all the cameras :)

By deadwing