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The command line utility can be executed running CameraControlCmd.exe which is located in installation folder by default C:\Program Files\digiCamControl


/help                     - this screen
/capture                  - capture photo
/capturenoaf              - capture photo without autofocus
/captureall               - capture photo with all connected devices
/captureallnoaf           - capture photo without autofocus with all devices
/session session_name     - use session [session_name]
/preset preset_name       - use preset [preset_name]
/folder path              - set the photo save folder
/filenametemplate template- set the photo save file name template
/filename fileName        - set the photo save file name
/counter number           - set the photo initial counter
/wait [mseconds]          - after done wait for a keypress 
                            or specified number of milliseconds
For single camera usage :
/iso isonumber             - set the iso number ex. 100 200 400
/aperture aperture         - set the aperture number ex. 9.5 8.0
/shutter shutter speed     - set the shutter speed ex. "1/50" "1/250" 1s 3s
/ec compensation           - set the exposure comp. -1.5 +2.0