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Exposure and capture control

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The general exposure controls are displayed on the left side of the main window and you can expand this with an extra pane containing more advanded exposure and capture control.


The first pane contains

  • Exposure - Here you have your normal camera controls, similar to those on the camera:
  • Mode - A(perture), S(hutter), M(anual), P(rogram). This indicates the current camera setting.  This can only be changed on camera.
    Some of the settings below will depend on the current camera mode.
  • ISO - The sensor sensitivity.
  • Shutter speed - Can be set if the camera is in S, P or M mode.
  • Aperture - Can be set if the camera is in A, P or M mode.
  • White balance - Can be set to Auto or any camera preset.
  • Exposure compensation - Can be set positive or negative.  The size of the increment depends on the basic settings in the camera.
  • Compression - Determines the way the images will be saved. This includes RAW, JPEG or RAW + JPEG.  JPEG can be different qualities.
  • Metering mode - Set the metering pattern when in A, P or S mode.


The second pane contains

  • Burst number - How many images the camera will shoot when it's triggered. Useful in combination with bracketing or high speed action.
  • Still capture mode - Select among the different modes such as single or continuous, self-timer, delayed, quiet mode etc.
  • Auto ISO - Whether to let the camera select ISO automatically
  • Flash syncronization - Determines the way the flash fires - normal, slow rear, slow front etc.
  • Long exposure noise reduction - Whether to use the in-camera noise reduction for long exposures.
  • High ISO noise reduction - Whether to use the in-camera noise reduction for high ISOs.
  • Lock - ??



Is it possible to make arbitrary sensitivity (ISO) setting (eg 50 or 2)

By UriSobi