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Focus stacking

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For some shots, especially macro shots which tend to have very shallow Depth of Field (DOF), it can be useful to take several shots with different focus points and then merge these into one image with a larger DOF than any of the originals. Focus stacking is also used by landscape photographers.

digiCamControl allows you to create a series of individually focused images of the same subject.

In the live view window's left pane, you will find a Focus stacking block where you can set the parameters for a focus stacked series of images. You can control:

  • The number of images to shoot - How many images do you want to combine?
  • The focus step between each - This is the amount of change in focus from one image to the next. Be prepared to experiment. You can preview the series of focus points by clicking the Preview button.
  • The time interval between shots - For macro shots, it's a good idea to have a few seconds between shots for the camera to stabilize. This can avoid shaking and blurred pictures.
  • You start the sequence by clicking Start.  You can interrupt the shooting with the Stop button.

You will need a separate program to merge the stacked images. A program like the free version of Helicon Focus can do the trick.


Even after experimenting, I really don't understand what the program does when you do focus control. I put in a number of shots and a focus step and wait time. In theory, I understand them all. However, it seems that when I hit "Start," the camera initially changes focus before taking any picture. It appears that it moves it back one focus step and then forward one step. Can I set which direction the focu s steps are in? Maybe I could set a two focus settings and a number of shots between them?

By f8pcpaul


I tried it on my D800E with Sigma 35mm f.1.4.

Whatever AF mode I set on the camera itself, attempting focus stacking yielded "Camera not in AF-S mode" error.

Did I do something wrong?


W.F. Wong

By wongwf

I am using RC2 on a windows 7 (32bit) notebook with a D7100:

when trying to stack focus, whenever I set one of the 'number of photos' or 'focus step' the other parameter get reset to 0: is it normal (and then I completely misunderstood how to use it)?



By flat__line

Same problem as flat__line. windows vista

By sarocrix

The D3200 not support focus step moving, just autofocus.

By Duka Istvan

I am also having the problem of the focus step value going to zero when I increase the number of images to focus stack.  Please explain how to prevent this from occurring.  Thank you.

By tadingle

I get the same problem as Flatline....pic count goes to "0" ????

I can't do the manual focus after the initial Auto focus start. I seem to be missing a step in the Focus Stacking process.

Please help!

By BullFrog350

Hi Martin,

I'm playing a bit with the Focus Stacking, but couldn't find where/how to set the nearest and the farest focus point?

I've installed the latest Beta 1.0.767.0
on WIN 8.1 64bit

using a Nikon D300


Any hints?


Best regards,


By SvenOstermann