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  1. Download and install the software and the required libraries.
  2. Connect the camera to the computer with a USB cable. Set the camera transfer mode to PTP/MTP, not mass storage. This is done in the camera menu.
  3. Start the program, and make sure the camera appears in the list of attached cameras. This can take a few seconds.
  4. You are ready to shoot!

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D3100 works, except liveview ofcuz.

By knutsson


We have updated the list of supported cameras.


By Martin Joergensen

The Nikon D90, dont have the option to change from mass storage to PTP/MTP. The camera is always in PTP mode, it doesn’t support USB mass storage mode.

By fabiopotter

Hi, I am a newbie to Digicameracontrol.  This is a great product, however, I have spent about an hour trying to figure out how to make the "Save to Camera" setting work with my D7000.  I confirmed my camera is a MTP/PTP device for transfer/storage.  I even went and upgraded my camera firmware to the very latest version.  I also updated my nikon device drivers for my Win7 Pro OS.  I rebooted my PC and Camera with the new firmware & drivers.  I know where the Digicameracontrol setting is for saving to "Camera Only"..however it will not execute this setting and only saves to my PC.  Is this a known bug with D7000 control?  Am I missing some setting?

Here is the deeper/technical reason why I am asking.  My D7000 has to use Auto Fine focus adjustment settings for sharper AF photos.  I have a hunch that the USB Digicameracontrol connection bypasses my D7000 Auto Fine focus settings.  So, if my theory is correct, I would want to save images to Camera Only, then transfer RAW images from my SD card on the D7000 to Digicameracontrol app.

Thanks in advance...Joel  

By NW Nikon

hola, me funciono y ahora murio en una d3100 de nikon que será??

By karrimur

How do you set the Camera Transfer Mode to PTP or MTP on D3300? It says that D3300 is supported by DigiCamControl but I can't seem to make this change in the camera. 

By RudraROC

My mirrorless camera has been friendly with me doing all my projects. It's pretty safe using this type of camera, as they produce HQ raw images and very easy to do edits on photoshop.

By stevebarret

My sony camera it connects to wifi and bluetooth is quite stable, The images recorded are very sharp. Too pleased to own this camera

By joskenybaby