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Image browser and preview

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On the main screen, you will find the preview window and the file browser, showing thumbnails of the images you have shot.

Image preview

The preview area will display the image at full resolution. You can zoom and pan the image to see details. RAW files will appear coarse, but jpegs are fully detailed.

You can zoom in the image using the following controls:

Ctrl+Mouse Drag - Move image
Alt+Mouse Drag - Draw zoom area
Alt+Mouse Click  - Zoom out to normal view
Shift+Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/out 
Ctrl+Alt+Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/out on cursor position
Mouse double click - Open loupe window

You can open a small navigation window (View Finder) by clicking the cross in the lower righthand side of the preview area. This will show a small version of the image with an overlay that indicates which part of the image you are currently looking at.

You can select one or more images in the grid and right-click any one of them to get a context menu to do the following:
  • Actions - Offers different actions (see below).
  • Select - Select or deselect all of the files.
  • Delete file(s) - Remove the selected files from the folder.
  • Show in Explorer - Opens the containing folder in WIndows Explorer normal file view.
  • Open in external viewer - Defaults to Windows' viewers, but a custom selected viewer can be configured.
  • Copy - Copies the full path to the Windows clipboard.




  • Generate focus stacked image using CombineZP - Requires the external program CombineZP.
  • Enfuse images - Combine several exposures using an enfuse algorithm. Simpler than HDR.
  • Convert RAW to jpg - Relies on an external converter.
  • Convert - RAW to exposure-bracketing jpgs. Produce jpgs for an HDR-program. Relies on an external converter.

Loupe window

The loupe window displays the whole image with a loupe overlay that shows a 100% magnification. You can move the loupe around to inspect details for sharpness etc. Press Esc to close the window again.