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Live view enables you to see the camera live view image on your PC screen. Camera settings and focus can then be controlled from the PC.

This option isn't available for all camera models. Check the list of supported cameras here.

The Live view window consists of two main parts:

  1. Controls on the left
  2. Live view image on the right

The window can be maximized to full screen size by clicking on the bar symbol in the upper right hand corner or double clicking on the top title bar. If you have a dual monitor setup, you can have the main window on one monitor and the live view window on the other.

The controls consist of

  • Autofofocus button - Will focus according to the camera and software settings.
  • Capture button - Will take a picture and transfer it, but leave live view on.
  • A small thumbnail that always shows the whole image.
  • Exposure controls - These can override many of the physical settings on the camera.


If you have problems connecting with live view, check the camera battery level. You can see it both in the program and on your camera. You might also see a message saying "Unable to start Liveview! Invalid status", indicating that there is something in the camera preventing an operation. If there is insufficient battery charge remaining, the camera can refuse to open the shutter for liveview. The is a particular problem with cameras set to Mup (Mirror-up - an option on some of the high-end cameras). If you set the drive mode to S (single shot) or C (continuous), live view will often be possible in spite of the battery not being completely charged.