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The buttons at the top left part of the main window are the ones you use most of the time when shooting. This is a quick summary of each:


I am connecting a D7100 to the program to cpature RAW files.  I having trouble finding histograms in the Image Property window - only blank rectangles.  Is this normal or a bug in the system.  If a bug, any idea when this can be fixed.  Lack of histograms would be a show stopper for me. 

Otherwise the program works good so far.


By arcmor



I have Nikon D7000.  As soon as I plug in an USB cable to the camera to transfer the images via Digicamcontrol to the PC I loose the Live View on the Camera's LCD.  Is there a way where I can have the Camera's Live View (Preview) available as well as the ability to view the transferred image on the PC?


I am not interested in shooting from the PC.  I want to be able to have full control of the shooting settings fromt he Camera.


Greatly appreciate your guidance/feedback.



By charubhatt