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If you click the "Menu" option at the top right corner of the main window, two panes will slide in from left and right. Each pane can be removed separately by clicking the arrow or both can be removed by clicking the top right "Menu" link again.

The left pane lists the connected camera(s) and enables you to select a camera or control multiple cameras.

  • Multiple cameras - here you can set up handling of multiple cameras. See the special section on this feature. You can:
    • Start and stop multiple camera shots
    • Disable autofocus for all cameras
    • Set delay between shots
    • Set number of "rounds" to shoot
    • Set delay between each round
  • Camera properties - Here you can:
    • Set the properties, name, counter number, etc. for each connected camera
    • Activate live view for a camera


The right menu pane contains links to:

  • Layout - Here you can control the grid layout of the main screen.
  • Preset - Here you can save, load, and edit camera presets. These contain the settings you have chosen for exposure and other settings. You can have many named presets.
  • Image export - Here you can export the images in the current session either as a Zip-file or simply to a specified folder on your PC.