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Multiple cameras

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You can control multiple cameras by using the Menu button on the title bar to expose the left hand menu pane. The Multiple Camera Control section is at the top. Click it and you can:

  • Start and stop multiple simultaneous camera shots.
  • Disable autofocus for all cameras.
  • Set delay between shots.
  • Set number of "rounds" to shoot.
  • Set delay between rounds.



For better performance, the following settings are recommended:

  • Settings -> Preview -> Auto Preview unchecked
  • Settings -> Preview -> Low memory usage checked


Setting counters

The application uses separate threads for every connected camera, so the transfer order is essentially random.  Each camera has its own counter so, if the images are to be stored in a shared directory on the PC, the possiblity of file name collisions exists.  In such a case, there are several options for configuring the counters so that the image file names will be unique:

  1. You can give a name to each camera and use this name in the template used for image file name generation.
  2. You can determine in advance how many shots will be taken in a given series, and use this number to determine a counter offset for each camera.  For example, if you plan to take 1000 shots, initialize the first camera counter to 1, the second to 1001, and so on.
  3. You can configure the counters to produce an overlapped series of unique file names.  Set the increment(s) of all counters to the number of connected cameras (10) and the number for each counter to the number of the associated camera (1, 2, 3, ...).

So for three cameras:

  • For the first camera, set the incrementer to 3 and the counter to 1. This will result images img0001.jpg, img0004.jpg ...
  • For the second, set the incrementer to 3 and the counter to 2. This will result images img0002.jpg, img0005.jpg ...
  • And for the third camera, set the incrementer to 3 and the counter to 3. This will result images img0003.jpg, img0006.jpg ...

You should use an empty folder for each sequence because the application never overwrites any files. It will search for the first free counter and this may mess up the numbering. And don't forget to check the Use camera counter instead of generic counter in the session setting.




I did try to control 2 cameras (D90 & D80) in the same time. As single it works good for each one, but together - only one of them is shooting.

By borisi

Please send your log file (Menu->Send log file)

By Duka Istvan


It may not realize multiple cameras exposure simultaneously in the "multiple cameras".

By Littlefish

I would have to find some best budget action camera out there to able to purchase multiple cams with 360 deg setup.

By stevebarret