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Here you can control aspects of the picture preview after having shot a single picture or a series of pictures.

  • Plays sound after photo has been taken - Uses the sound file from c:\Program Files\digiCamControl\Data\takephoto.wav.
  • Auto preview - When a new photo is taken, it will be selected in a listbox and displayed.  This option requires CPU power, especially for RAW files. If transfer speed is critical, this option can be unchecked; such as when shooting high speed sequences or with multiple cameras.
  • Show focus points - Display the focus points used by the camera when shooting the picture. Not all cameras support this.
  • Low memory usage - Save memory where possible. Useful when shooting with multiple cameras.
  • Preview image after shot in live view - Retain the picture in the live view window for a number of seconds before going back to the live picture.
  • Rotate image - Rotate the image a number of degrees clockwise. Can be handy for always rotating images, like when using the camera upside-down.
  • Don't load thumbnails.
  • Fullscreen window background - Select background color.