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Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in book_prev() (line 775 of /home/digicamc/public_html/oldsite/modules/book/book.module).

Scripting is supported beginning with version 1.0.565.

The script editor can be activated from Menu->Script editor. If you have a camera connected to digiCamControl then a simple code completion system will help in script witing.

Here's a simple script example. All it does is take a picture:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


A more complicated one: it captures photos 10 times and waits 5 seconds between each capture:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <loop loopcount="10">
          <wait time="5"/>

Supported commands:


Special command to tigger bulb capture. This command can be used only in manual mode and the camera shutter in Bulb mode.

<bulbcapture capturetime="10" iso="100"/>



Trigger camera photo capture 

No parameters used




Write a text to the script output. Useful when debugging a script.

Parameters : 

  • text - the text which should be write to script output 

<echo text="message"/>



Set a condition when to execute a script section

      <if condition="${camera.mode}!=M">
             <alert text="Set camera in M mode"/>



Execute a script section a specified number of times

For current loop number the ${loopno} variable can be used

Ex.  capture 100 photos and wait 5 seconds between shots

    <loop loopcount="100">
       <wait time="5"/>



Special command to comunicate with PhD Guiding application. 

<phdguiding movetype="move 1"/>



Set a value for a script variable. Session variables can be referenced in the current session.

Ex. reset session image counter:

<setvariable  name="session.counter" value="0"/>



Set a value for a camera property

Ex. set connected camera ISO to 200

<setcamera property="iso" value="200"/>



Stop the script execution



Halt the script execution for a specified number of seconds

<wait time="5"/>

<wait time="5" for="camera"/>  - wait 5  sec. or until the current camera will be ready



Special variabiles :

${session.  - to access current session elements

$(camera.  - to access current selected camera properties, is read only to set camera properties use <setcamera

${time}      - curent time in HH:mm format

${timelong}      - curent time in HH:mm :SS format

${day}       - current day 

&{cameraccount} - current connected camera count