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The Session selector is located in the upper right corner in the main window - right under the menu.

You see the current Session name and can Add, Edit or Delete Sessions using the buttons to the right. When editing a Session, you have access to the following:

  • General
    • Session name - A name to identify the Session.  You may define multiple Sessions.
    • Base folder where the photos will be saved. You can browse your computer to select a location and you can create a new folder from within the dialog.
    • File name template - The template for file name creation. You can use the / character to create subfolders. The session tags are case sensitive.
      • $N - Session name
      • $C - Counter with leading zeros like 0001
      • $E - Exposure compensation, this can be useful when exposure bracketing is done, if exposure compensation is zero this template tag is ignored.
      • $X - Name of the camera specified in camera properties.  If no name specified, the model name will be used.
      • $D - Current date in yyyy-MM-dd format
      • $Tag1 - see below...
      • $Tag2 -
      • $Tag3 -
      • $Tag4 -
      • $UTime - Unix time stamp
      • $Type - Type of file (Raw|Jpg)
      • $B - Barcode
    • Counter - A counter used for naming. Every capture will increment this counter. If a file exists with a given number, the counter will be incremented until a file with that number does not exist.  This avoids overwriting files.
    • Use original filename given by the camera - The original filename will be used instead of the template. If a file with same name exists, a counter will be added to end a file this filename. It will always start from 0 and be incremented until a file with that number does not exist.
    • Allow folder changes using image browser - If this is checked, a folder selector will be shown as part of the grid layout and the folder can be changed while browsing.
  • Tags - In this tab you can define tags for the Tag selector window. These tags can be referenced in the file name template. More about tags here.