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digiCamControl is a Windows program. It requires:

You will also need a compatible camera and a USB cable.

For using the remote control via your local network (wired or wireless) you will need a smartphone, a tablet or a second computer (which can be a Mac or Unix machine) - actually any device that has a browser and can access the same network as the PC connected to the camera.


I have a D800 and am running Windows *, is this compatible please? I tried to search but had no luck. Thank you.

By cockney greg

It is working, i updated  the supported system description.

By Duka Istvan

I have two computer, one is a Windows 7, 32 bits and other one is and old Windows XP, my Window 7 works well with my Nikon D600. My XP computer does not support Live view, the LV icon is not working. Both computer could not download the Microsoft camera codes. Could you tell me are there any solutions for these.



By Chris

Does this mean that if you have a Windows 8 tablet and install DigitalCameraControl along with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Camera Codec Pack you should be able to operate your camera just from your tablet once connected? This would be awesome in addition with liveview for those awkward camera angles.

By Andrew

Will my Nikon 3100 work with the Surface Pro ?

By alexchem

Still struggling choosing between mirrorless camera vs dslr which fits my projects. This cam is a good candidate.

By stevebarret