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Time lapse

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A time lapse movie is a movie put together from images taken with intervals between the exposures, anywhere from seconds to minutes. The movie will playback in fast forward and show the progress of a scene in time compressed form. digiCamControl can produce time lapse movies.

You need to decide and configure the time lapse settings.

  1. Time lapse - Set up the basic settings. The interval between shots in seconds and the number of shots. Remember that the final movie will play with many frames per second. If you want your movie to run with 24 frames per second for a minute, you will need 60 times 24 shots = 1440 images altogether! A 10 second time lapse at 16 frames per second will require 160 pictures.
  2. Movie settings - Here you set the quality full HD (1920P), 720P, or whatever you prefer. You also decide the frame rate and the location of the final movie.  The video file will be created in AVI format.
  3. Create movie - In this section a time lapse movie can be generated using the Xvid video codec. All marked images from current session will be included. If no image files are marked, all files from the session will be included. You can add "fake panning" to the video by checking "Add virtual moving" and setting the percentage and alignment values.


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