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In this section, you can select the way you want to trigger the camera. You can always use your mouse and the built-in button at the top left button row.

  • Use keyboard to trigger photo - Select a key to trigger the photo capture.  This key may be combined with Alt, Ctrl or Shift.
  • Use web server - If this is checked, the application can be controlled using a smartphone or another PC connected to same local network. After having checked the box, you will need to restart the program to actvate the web server.
    Copy the displayed http address to a web browser on your PC. This will link to a small web server built into the digiCamControl program.
    You can also scan the QR code with the camera in your phone to go directly to the control site. You might need a QR scanner app for the purpose. These are widely available and most of them are free.
    Under some circumstances, additional settings can be needed - like open port 5513. See your antivirus or firewall documentation.
    See the section Remote control for more details on using the facility.


I am unable to download the app for my samsung note 2 phone. I used the qr code and the website is not available. Is there another place to get it?

By debemac

Which version do you use ?

By Duka Istvan

Is there a way to define an active area for movement trigger?


By aguatec