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This section will lead you through the configuration and use of the program.

The basic operation is simple:

  1. Connect a Supported camera to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. Turn the camera on.
  3. Make sure the camera is set to PTP transfer mode and not mass storage.  This setting may be found in the camera USB menu.
  4. Fire up the program. The camera should register within seconds.
  5. Click live view if your camera supports it.
  6. Compose and focus. Set exposure if needed or use the camera's programs.
  7. Press Capture or the release button on the camera to take a picture.
  8. The picture is transfered to the PC and can be be seen in the image grid, or seen in detail in a large version.  You may edit the picture with your favorite photo converter/editor.

All the configuration settings are found in the Configuration chapters. See the index to the right.