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WiFi Support

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Using dslrdashboard server (from 1.1.797):

This solution use a cheap router TP-Link MR3040 with a custom firmware. The firmware was adapted by Hubai Zoltan so all credit goes to him. 


More about how to change TP-Link MR3040 firmware : http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-openwrt-flash/ 

If you change router firmware, you will lose router original functionality and warranty; so think twice, act once.

After firmware update only things remain to connect camera to router and your pc/laptop/tablet to router using WiFi connection. 

In digiCamControl is a new button for WiFi connection in top toolbar:

An IP dialog will show up where you can set the server IP number, which in most cases will be


Not working:

  • connect multiple cameras
  • download Raw files - will hang the application
  • auto discover router 
  • Works only with Nikon cameras

If you have any question or remarks, use this forum thread: http://digicamcontrol.com/forum/feature-requests/wifi-support-once-again