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November 28th 2015

This is a second try to make a stable release candidate so no more new features until a stable release 

Change log :

  • Support for Nikon COOLPIX L830
  • Save live view window position and size
  • Multiple capture in live view with count down and auto... more
October 13th 2015

In this version there are multiple changes mostly internal changes like bug fixes and cod optimizations, but also there are some visible change like are selection in live view and improved image preview.

... more
August 28th 2015

This version main changes is around of plugins. Now all transform plugin use ImageMagick for image processing, there are lot of advantage using it like speed, better image quality, the exif data will remain unaltered. Also some user interface improvements was done.

... more

August 10th 2015

A unfortunately stable release was delayed so there is a another beta. There are multiple changes and some bug fixes. Most of changes is related to user interface and application usability. The application interface it is a really mess, the interface element are inspired from Windows store apps but the usage is similar with desktop app. So i tried to improve somehow this but not radically... more

June 13th 2015

This version contain only minor bug fixes.

Only one new feature: web interface access from anywhere no more required to be in same local network. This option is disabled by default can be enabled in Settings->Triggers ->Webserver->Allow public access. The public url can be accessed in qr code window combo box. The URL always start with http://digicamcontrol.com/remote/ and... more

May 18th 2015

This version will be the latest beta before a stable release, so no more new features will be added.

Change log:

  • Facebook Auto Export Plugin - Will upload the captured photo automatically to a Facebook album
  • Email Auto Export Plugin - Will send the captured photo to the specified email address as attachment 
  • Startup script - In Settings->... more
March 28th 2015


February 8th 2015

In this release most notable change is the redesign of the time lapse interface.

New windows for manage bar codes. Read more ...

... more

January 17th 2015

Over times was multiple request to add support for cameras other that Nikon or Canon, but this isn't possible without having a camera of this brands, so i started a fundraising  campaign.

For Sony cameras: 

For... more

January 3rd 2015

This release is a bug fix release not too much new features are added. I try to change the installer type, i started using MSI based installer, the benefits are the install process should be more transparent and a cleaner uninstall and fewer false positive virus warnings.  A another new is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software... more