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Beta version - 1.2.40 - WiFi again

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This version add support for wifi via WU-1a/1b adapter and for D5300 and D750. The usage is same like when TP-Link router is used:  first a wifi connection required with the camera and after that using wifi button to connect DCC with camera. The transfer speed is much slower that USB connection so for raw files not really usable, may take 10 seconds for transfer. 


Can be printed multiple selected photos or just one multiplied in a page. A another possibility using auto export plugin when activated the captured images is printed directly to the default printer right after the photo was capture.

Secondary monitor support

It is posible to used secondary monitor as full screen view when the two monitor is connected as Extended screen. To activate it is required to check the  Settings->Full Screen->Show in secondary window and the full screen window will be displayed in secondary display. 

Other improvements 

  • Virtual horizon for Nikon cameras
  • Minor improvements on Canon manual focus with separated setting for it
  • Some bug fixes




Hello, I think this work is awesome and really helpful for me.

But here is a problem for me.

I want to control two cameras (mines are Nikon D5300) at the same time, so I can get the image in the same enviroment for different position. But when I try for several times, I find that all the camera will capture one by one, not at the same time.

I just want to know why, and can you do me a favor? 

By donald