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A unfortunately stable release was delayed so there is a another beta. There are multiple changes and some bug fixes. Most of changes is related to user interface and application usability. The application interface it is a really mess, the interface element are inspired from Windows store apps but the usage is similar with desktop app. So i tried to improve somehow this but not radically, hope in good way.

Main menu

I think is more easy to group and access features using menus specially which aren't accessed in every minutes, so i removed the most of the buttons from panels and moved operation in menus

New zoom control

The preview box is redesigned should be much faster and retain same zoom view even the selected photo was changed, additionally there is a new panel with a preview photo for display and manipulate the zoom box.


Now it is possible to preview captured videos and a preview image will show up in thumbnail view also. A another important addition is the video record support for canon cameras.

Folder selector

This feature already was implemented but was very hard to use, i just simplified a lite bit. If in session the Allow folder change is checked a new panel will show up with a available drivers so will be possible to change capture folder without editing the session parameters 


Other changes 

  • Support for D810a
  • Rotate transform plugin
  • Audio meter in Live view for Nikon cameras
  • Simplified focus locking for focus stacking
  • New SLC get param lastcaptured
  • Option for Disable auto rotate for preview
  • Option to import/export session settings
  • Maximum speed option for timelapse
  • Drag and drop overlay file in live view