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Beta version - Branding - 1.2.29

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This beta release is dedicated to a new feature "Branding". The feature was requested but a lot of users, some of them just want to hide the application source/name to prevent to be used by the competition or just remove some unused features from UI  This will add possibilities to customize application interface specially the main window and the live view window.  This feature purpose is to set which element to be visible or not and not to redesign the user interface it self.   

Having regard to the fact using branding the application no more linked to this site or to the name of digiCamControl, to get this feature a donation required with option "Require branding" set to Yes.

You can do:

  • hide top bar buttons in main screen one by one
  • hide left/right panel 
  • hide live view focus control
  • hide live view right panel group box one by one
  • set application name
  • set application start up image 
  • remove any online reference to this site
  • set custom folder to save settings
  • add a default setting which will be loaded on startup
  • change application logo