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Connect to any Nikon DSLR using WiFi router

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This is first step for connecting cameras via WiFi using any protocol. This solution use a cheap router TP-Link MR3040 with a custom firmware. The firmware was adapted by Hubai Zoltan so all credits goes to him. 

More about how to change TP-Link MR3040 firmware : http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-openwrt-flash/ 

If you change router firmware you will lose router original functionality and warranty so think twice act once.

After firmware update only things remain to connect camera to router and your pc/laptop/tablet to router using WiFi connection. 

In digiCamControl is a new button for WiFi connection in top toolbar :

A ip dialog will show up where you can set the server ip number, which in most cases will be


Not working:

  • connect multiple cameras
  • download Raw files - will hang the application
  • auto discover router 
  • Works only with Nikon cameras

If you have any question or remarks use this forum thread http://digicamcontrol.com/forum/feature-requests/wifi-support-once-again


..::Download Beta 1.1.797::..