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DCCUSB - External shutter release device

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Last month we started to develop an external device to control camera capture via a shutter release cable or IR (ML-3 remote simulator).

The benefits:

  • can enable bulb mode for camera models which don't support this operation using an USB connection. All nikon models older than D800.
  • timelapse mode can be used for a much longer period, because when the camera is connected via USB, it can't enter sleep mode. Using a release cable, the camera will wake up when capture is triggered

If anybody is interested we can order this device for 45$ price. This price covers the component costs and a small donation for the project. Considering this is a open source project, we don't have enough funding to create too many devices at the same time so the shipping may take 2-4 weeks. The shutter release cable not included.

Drop me a mail at admin [at] digicamcontrol [dot] com or add a comment below if you are interested - no obligations, just a way to find out if this has any interest at all.