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If you have been visiting this site before, you can probaly see that something has happened. Yes, we have a new website! The old web site was a patchwork of different systems for the different parts - the main page, the forum, the manual and so on. The new one is one single system with a much better integration and a uniform look across the site.

At the same time we have updated several pages, mainly the user manual and the list of compatible cameras. We have added a gallery where you can upload your digiCamControl images and setups as well as a place to post user's stories with your story about how you use the program.

Unfortunately the old forum posts were lost in the process. We also decided not to import the old forum users. A lot of our old users were spam robots and we will get rid of them with this move. You can easily register again to get permission to post in the forums as well as add other content such as comments, pictures and stories. You can also simply use your Facbook profile to log in - if you have one.

So welcome to the new site.

PS: If you have any problems with the site, please let us know. Drop a mailto martin@vertikal.dk who is "the web guy".