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Release Candidate 1 - version 1.1.0

Error message

Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in _menu_load_objects() (line 569 of /home/digicamc/public_html/oldsite/includes/menu.inc).

A new and improved version of the program is almost ready. You can download the latest release candidate throught the link below.

Change log:

  • Attach comment, and have comments applied to images.
  • Improved scripting support
  • Improved command line utility
  • Fixed and improved astro feature
  • Option to rotate live view image
  • Support for DSUSB devices
  • Like/Unlike button
  • Redesigned web server
  • Improve and fixed Canon camera support

Another change is that we will use sourceforge.net as a file server from this version and on.






Hello ,

the link of the realise candidate 1.1 is still the 1.0692

Thank you to change it.

I'm new in the forum. I've just discored this app.

I downloaded the 1.0692  and clicked somewhere in the right setting. Now the app is blocked.

Could you help me to correct it ? I've already tried to uninstall/install but without any changes. Please see the attached picture.

Thank You for your support!


By StephNikon

I didn't succeed to attached the picture, so:

An application error occured.

Please check whether your data is correct and repeat the action. If this error occurs again there seems to be a more serious malfonction in the application, and you better close it.

Error: La valeur fournie sur "System.Windows.StaticRessourceExtension" a levé une exception.

Impossible de trouver la ressource nommée"appbar_thumbs_down".Les noms de ressources respectent la casse.

Do want to continue? Yes/No

By StephNikon

Try to delete the c:\ProgramData\digiCamControl folder

By Duka Istvan

It's working.

Thank you!

It would be nice if the last relealise 1.1 was available!

By StephNikon