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Release Candidate 2 - version 1.1.0

Error message

Deprecated function: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in _menu_load_objects() (line 569 of /home/digicamc/public_html/oldsite/includes/menu.inc).

This is a second try before final 1.1.0 release and hopefully the last one.

Change log:

  • Option to set camera date and time
  • Option to set camera date and time when camera is connecting
  • Support for DCCUSB device
  • New tag file name template for barcode
  • Send crash report via email
  • Lot of minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI improvements





Have just downloaded the latest rev and, although I apprecaite DigiCameraControl is not designed for Canon, I thought I would provide some feedback.


First, I would suggest the developers think about the UI for a small form factor. Taking a fully capable Windows Tablet into the field (like the Venue 8 Pro), and use it for teathering control is fantastic. But, the UI needs to respect the small form factor.


The window, to the right of the camera data, appears to have nothing in it: should it?


I tried exposure bracketing, in manual mode, by selecting the exposure values, but the DCC only fired the shutter once and the then appeared to freeze. The stop button worked and thus I managed to stop the bracketing, but with only one image capture.


I will continue to experiment.



By pigeonhill

Hi, thanks for testing any feedback is appreciated, specially for tablets. 

By Duka Istvan

I have tried it on a eeepc with windows 7 32 bit, nikon d7100, but the focus stacking functionality is not working: whenever I set number of photos or focus step the other parameter is reset to 0 (focusing stacking working regularly in the stable release though).



By flat__line

Thanks for reporting i will make some testes, and fix the problems.  

By Duka Istvan

Thanks, great software :)

By sasssa

Tested with the Canon EOS M. Most controls working but I'm unable to select ISO. Also no picture is displayed (Main Window and Live View). If I press the shutter button an error message in the bottom right corner shows "Invalid parameter".


Keep up the good work! Hopefully you can get it to work cause its the only camera remote (EOS Utility is not working...).



By K3N

Hi, I'm using a D7000 on Windows 7 (64-bit) via USB.  When I click on LiveView, the program hangs and I've got to close it with alt-ctrl-del.


It's a fantastic program otherwise!  Great work and thanks.

By radman8

thanks for your hardwork, i am on it  to test with d3200 . i will  inform you that  how it   works.

By cigilgan@hotmail.com

Hi there,


Great software you've created here. Almost every feature works on my D3200 but i wondered what are the chances of fixing the video recording option once in live view. It clearly says function not supported when hitting record on the software. Would there be any way of still starting it from the camera, like you created with the shutter from camera option?


Many thanks for all you do,

Kind regards,