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December 14th 2014

This version add support for wifi via WU-1a/1b adapter and for D5300 and D750. The usage is same like when TP-Link router is used:  first a wifi connection required with the camera and after that using wifi button to connect DCC with camera. The transfer speed is much slower that USB connection so for raw files not really usable, may take 10 seconds for transfer. 

... more

November 9th 2014

This beta release is dedicated to a new feature "Branding". The feature was requested but a lot of users, some of them just want to hide the application source/name to prevent to be used by the competition or just remove some unused features from UI  This will add possibilities to customize application interface specially the main window and the live view window.  This feature... more

August 24th 2014

We are very happy to present you with the final version of digiCamControl 1.2.0 today. Enjoy it!

Most of the known bugs were fixed and the Canon camera support is now stable. There can however still be cameras for which some of features aren't supported, especially for older Canon camera models. There weren't many new features added in this version. but existing features were fixed or... more

August 8th 2014

The goal of the 1.2.0 version will be to fix some reported errors and improve the application usability, for that most of the hidden application features was added to the main screen toolbar for easy access. This a beta version so use carefully. It may contain bugs. 

Change log:

  • Improved camera preset management
  • Live view windows redesigned... more
June 21st 2014

This is first step for connecting cameras via WiFi using any protocol. This solution use a cheap router TP-Link MR3040 with a... more

June 7th 2014

This is only a beta release with minor bug fixes and some UI changes, like a left tab for image properties and a improved support for multiple camera support.

Others:... more

April 13th 2014

We are very happy to present you the final version of digiCamControl 1.1.0 today. Enjoy it!

New features:

Separate astro module

This feature can be activated on the top bar using the star button. A discussion was started on this forum... more

January 1st 2014

This is a second try before final 1.1.0 release and hopefully the last one.

Change log:

  • Option to set camera date and time
  • Option to set camera date and time when camera is connecting
  • Support for DCCUSB device
  • New tag file name template for barcode
  • Send crash report via email
  • Lot of minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI... more
December 31st 2013

We whish Happy New Year for all our users and supporters.


November 19th 2013

Last month we started to develop an external device to control camera capture via a shutter release cable or IR (ML-3 remote simulator).

The benefits:

  • can enable bulb mode for camera models which don't support this operation using an USB connection. All... more