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October 23rd 2013

A new and improved version of the program is almost ready. You can download the latest release candidate throught the link below.

Change log:

  • Attach comment, and have comments applied to images.
  • Improved scripting support
  • Improved command line utility
  • Fixed and improved astro feature
  • Option to rotate live view image... more
October 1st 2013

To improve the digiCamControl user experience we have started a user survey. 

This survey will be active until the next stable version is released.

You can take part in the survey right here .

July 16th 2013

In the latest beta version we added a tool to control electronics for creating water drop collisions. You will find a lot of solutions for capturing water drops on the web. They can be controlled manually without using any devices, just a pipette or something similar, but it is very hard to capture any usable photos. It's much more efficient to use a water (air) valve for generating water... more

June 28th 2013

We are on half of the planned feature implementation for version 1.1. You can check the progress of feature implementations on the roadmap. This is a beta release, so use it only for testing purposes. If you find any bugs please use the forum bug... more

May 2nd 2013

After a year of development  testing and bug fixing we reached a stable state of the application, which means that the application can be used in a production system. You can... more

April 25th 2013

The second Release Candidate of the program is ready, one step closer to version 1.0!

Change log:

  • Image auto rotation for raw files
  • Download images from multiple connected cameras in a single window
  • Experimental Canon EOS support 
  • Minor bug fixes

Canon EOS support is under development and isn't fully tested.... more

March 27th 2013

This is the first Release Candidate of the program, so we're nearing version 1.0! No other features will be added before a stable version is released. If no fatal bugs are found, we expect to release the final verion 1.0 in the next 1-2 weeks.... more

March 25th 2013

If you have been visiting this site before, you can probaly see that something has happened. Yes, we have a new website! The old web site was a patchwork of different systems for the different parts - the main page, the forum, the manual and so on. The new one is one single system with a much better integration and a uniform look across the site.

At the same time we have updated several... more

February 16th 2013

I plan to release a stable version of digiCamControl in next 2-4 months. To manage this I need more persons to be involved in this project.

If somebody has the time and is willing to contribute to an open source project, just send Duka an email on admin [at] digicamcontrol [dot] com or post on our Facebook page or in... more

January 20th 2013

In this version isn’t any big changes or feature implementation most of changes are bug fixes and some minor improvements in multiple camera support. First breaking changes: i  renounce to use freeimage library so it is important to install Microsoft/Nikon image code and thanks to this the low memory usage option is improved.

Change log:... more