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We want you to be a part of the community around digiCamControl.

We want you to participate!

You can join in in several ways:

  • Provide feedback on the software
    • user survey - complete our user survey to know more about you 
    • comments - comment on the web site under each page or article.
    • forum posts - post your questions and answers in the forum.
    • suggestions - provide suggestions for the program and the web site.
    • bug reports - provide us with details about malfunctions in the program.
  • We would also love to

If you register as a user you get access to posting in the forum, adding images to the gallery, posting your stories and much more.

You can also engage yourself in the further development of the software by

  • translating - provide the program in your language.
  • writing tutorials - how do you use the softare to do a specific job?
  • participating in the coding - it's open source and we'd love to see some one enable it to talk to Canon cameras!

Contact us if you want to join in.


I specialy like the droplet part of this program.

By ninabeertje

Muchas gracias por permitirme usar el programa. Desde Argentina.

By b640