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Nikon D3200

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Live view: 
Some features not working
Raw support: 
Bulb mode: 
Not supported by the firmware/camera
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Record movie: 
Not supported


I love the software it's what I needed. I hope you guys add live view and maybe let us be able to record video ?. Other wise the program is flawless. Keep up the good work

By ParanormalGamer

Love the concept of the software and I love the features I can use with my D3200. I hope you can implement the blub mode and timelapse features for the D3200 to work fully sometime in the near future! I would use this software for astrophotography if you do!

By dcp1191

Unfortunately isn't possible to implement bulb mode for D3200 isn't implemented in firmware, but a solution you can use a external device to trigger bulb mode like DSUSB or DCCUSB

By Duka Istvan

What are the limited live view features for use with the D3200?  Can you use basic point & shoot with this model? I'm trying to see if this software will let me do basic product photography.

Thank you.

By gregsmithcpf

You can't use manual focus in live view and can't set the focus area. 

By Duka Istvan

Hi! I love the functionality of digiCamControl thus far and I think it will help me immensly in my product photography shoots. I'm wondering if video capture support will be added in the future or if the Nikon D3200 will support such a feature. I plan to record short video tutorials and podcast segments, so being able to remotely capture video will be very helpful. Thanks!

By TwistFiberStudio

Video recording can't be implemented for D3200 isn't implemented in firmware.

By Duka Istvan

I have written review on Nikon D90, please read it http://usemyreviews.in/nikon-d90-dslr-camera/

By kaulshe

Dear Sir, first of all, thank you for developing this free program. Then the question: I don't understand what do you mean by "no manual focus"? Is the camera to blame or the kit-lens (power zoom?) to blame? Does that mean if I change the focus the live view stays the same? Or should we use the Autofocus system? Please elaborate more. How about D3300?? I'm thinking to get a D3300 for paid studio work, I don't need D5x00 since we'll be working with proper lighting and thus no need for fancy sensor.

By d3300

BULB MODE:Not supported by the firmware/camera?

Not sure if there's some connection how digiCamControl works with USB control and how actually IR works, but I've made a DIY IR controller that can be seen here: http://vedranpapes.from.hr/essays/2014/07/dslrbot-ir-dslr-control-with-smartphone-or-tablet-diy-remote-finished-2172014/ and with the iOS app dSLR.Bot I can easily shoot in bulb mode, so maybe checking how they did it?

Or it's the way how the camera is being controlled? As with IR it takes one instruction, press the shutter... second instruction, release the shutter? And with USB control that's impossible to implement? Or?


Thank you! :)

By vedranius

Hello, can you please advise? I have plugged my Nikon D3200 into my laptop, but am having no luck. I am able to cause the camera to take a shot using the capture button, but the file will not show a preview in the app, ands trying to open it in my file browser only gives a message the format is not supported. However, when saved to camera, all seems well when i remove the sd card and read from there. Most crucially, I want to record video using the app, but the live view screen is blank and everytime I try to capture or see a preview I just get a message that the MTB is busy. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks



By SamT1982