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Shooting photos of fishing flies

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I shoot a lot of fishing flies for my web site The Global FlyFisher, and digiCamControl is the software I use for tethered shooting.

The setup is very simple:

I almost always use a camera with a macro lens on a tripod, and make a setup on a table top, on a shelf or somewhere similar.

I shoot with a flash or two 90% of the time, and once the mini studio is ready, I connect the camera to my pc, and fire up the software.

I compose the picture using the viewfinder - oftentimes using an angle finder attached because the camera is placed quite low.

Once the composition is as I want it, and a fly is placed in the picture, I sit at the computer to adjust exposure and focus. When that is done I can start shooting. When I have set up the camera and subject close to the computer, I don't even need to get out of my chair, but can simply change one fly for another and shoot away. I inspect the images on-screen right away, and make the necessary adjustments and shoot another image of the same subject until I'm satisfied.

I have digiCamControl save the images in RAW format, and make the program put them in my standard image folder. I can set this up in each session. When the images are shot, I go into Lightroom, make the final adjustments and convert the RAW files to jpgs for use on the web site.